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The Safetylink Connector


This safety connector is intended for use on dog harnesses or dog collars to add an extra layer of security and inescapability. If your dog were to ever wiggle out of their harness, or if their collar were to ever come undone, the Safetylink Connector will be there as a backup. With the SecureLink Connector, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog will always remain securely on the leash during walks and training sessions. 

This leash features two heavy duty zinc cast snap and solid brass rivets and is ideal for dogs between 30 lbs and 80 lbs. 

Every order is made by hand in Utah, USA

Materials and Origin:

Leash Material | BioThane® | Ohio, USA

Rivets | Solid Brass | California, USA

Snap | Zinc Die Cast | Connecticut, USA 

Care: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap and dry off metal hardware with a towel