About Us

Hey! We're Phil and Sarah, the creators of Elite K9 Gear :)

Our mission is to create durable, high-quality gear for you and your pet that looks good and will last your pet a lifetime. We source all our hardware ethically from manufacturers that pay fair wages and we test all our products to perform under daily use. We believe in sustainable business practices, which is why we offer low cost refurbishment for all our products. We value supply chain transparency, which is why you can find the origin of every component in our product listings.

  • Phil

    After his service in the Marine Corps and career as an aerospace systems engineer, Phil left the workforce to pursue his passion for creating things with his hands. His dedication for dog training is the spark that started this company. Phil loves to hike and run with our dogs and he wants to make the best gear using ethically sourced materials so you can feel good about getting outside and enjoying time with your furry companions!

  • Sarah

    Founder, wife, and inspiration for the company. Sarah has three shadows, named Shadow, Bear and Freya. She loves playing with the dogs and coming up with spontaneous good ideas. When not being a fountain of joy and smiles, Sarah can be found crocheting or knitting.

    Sarah also wants you to know that phil wrote this bio on her behalf :)

  • Shadow

    Our 3 year old Belgian Malinois is our product test engineer overseeing all leash durability tests. She refuses pay, but will take a Frisbee break anytime one is offered. She is sure to let us know when it's time to take a break from work and play with her.

  • Bear

    Our Australian Shepherd is just happy to be on the team. He's here for a good time and always brings his positive attitude to work. Often found sleeping on the job, sniffing your ears, or giving the best snuggles, Bear is the personality hire of Elite K9 Gear.

  • Freya

    Our Malinois/Aussie mix is 50% energy and 50% snuggles. She's a part-time seal impersonator and full-time quality control specialist. Freya is stoked to have the opportunity to be the best K9 possible everyday and has been employee of the month for the last 7 months straight.