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Training Drag Leash

Training Drag Leash

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Product Features: Drag style leash with no handle allows leash to drag on ground when not actively holding without tripping up your K9 companion. 

Introducing the ultimate companion for your energetic furry friend – our handmade in the USA (with US and imported materials**) Waterproof and Odor-Free Training drag Leash! Crafted with precision and passion, this leash is designed to keep pace with the most spirited and high-energy dogs, ensuring that every outdoor adventure is not only enjoyable but also worry-free.

Built for durability and resilience, our leash features a waterproof design that can withstand any weather condition. The USA-made craftsmanship ensures a level of quality that you and your canine companion can trust.

Say goodbye to lingering odors with our use of BioThane®, a naturally odor-free and weatherproof material. BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather or nylon leashes. Our leash is equipped to resist absorbing unwanted scents, keeping it fresh and clean for every outing. No more unpleasant smells to distract you from the joy of spending quality time with your active pup.

The leash is thoughtfully designed with both comfort and control in mind. The sturdy yet lightweight construction offers optimal control over even the most energetic dogs. The leash length strikes the perfect balance between freedom and restraint, allowing your pet to explore while keeping them close and secure. Choose from our various leash length options to best suit your needs. 

Whether you're embarking on a hiking adventure, conquering the agility course, or simply taking a stroll through the neighborhood, our Waterproof and Odor-Free Training Leash is the ideal choice for pet owners who demand the best for their four-legged companions. Elevate your outdoor experiences with a leash that stands up to the challenges of an active lifestyle, proudly made in the USA for the dogs who love to play hard.

**Material Sources:

Screw Posts: Solid Brass Machined - Massachusetts, USA

Swivel Bolt Snaps: Solid Brass Bolt Snap - Taiwan (*soon to be sourced in USA*)

Leash Material: BioThane® - Ohio, USA

Note from PhilI like using this leash for training sessions in the yard where we are playing with a tug or ball. I can drop the leash and throw the toy, but I enforce a recall command by picking the leash back up at a distance. This leash is great if you are having trouble getting your dog to come back to you consistently. I recommend the 15 or 20 foot leash for this style of training.

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Really well made and got here so quickly! Stunning and super sturdy!